About Cookies

What are cookies?

  • Cookies are small files containing input details, access history, and others that are stored on your PC whilst you visit the Kaplan website. Subsequently when the site is re-visited, the server will read the cookie to find your name, retrieve all the information stored, and customize the webpage to fit your needs. Unless you have elected to disable cookies, the site can always acquire the pre-stored cookie from your web browser. For privacy protection, the browser will send only the cookie received and transmitted by the server of the site.

About cookie setting

  • Your web browser is usually set to accept all cookies automatically. However, you can change the setting to one of the following methods based on your privacy concern.
    (Allow receiving any and all cookies), (Block all cookies), or (Notify you each time when a cookie is received). As the setting method differs depending on your browser, please consult the "Help" tab of your browser via the menu bar.
  • Please note that, if you choose to block all cookies, usability of our website will be limited and that various services, which require user authentication, will become unavailable.

Why our website uses cookies

Cookies are used on our site for the following reasons:
  • To make it possible to provide services tailored to individual customers by utilizing the registered user information stored in a cookie each time he/she logs into our web services.
  • To determine individual customer’s interests and preferences by recording the areas of the site visited, products viewed, and time spent browsing, as well as the products purchased by our customers. By making full use of such data, we can design effective online adverts to be displayed on other selected websites to market similar and/or related products.
  • To analyze the traffic of our site, such as the number of users and times accessed.
  • To improve our website services.