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SAT® Prep

Designed for 11th-12th graders, the SAT®・ACT® Prep courses introduces students to results-oriented test-taking strategies, and is divided into three sections in SAT® and four sections in ACT®. A wealth of practice drills and cutting-edge instruction offered in this course gives students the opportunity to not only practice learned strategies, but also to learn the academic English skills necessary for success in American universities. Students can further enhance their studies by adding the Super SAT®・ACT® course to achieve their higher score.


POINTExperienced Instructors

our expert instructors, with years of experience in test prep instruction in Japan, guide students through this results-oriented programs.

POINTOriginal Textbooks

the textbooks have a proven track record of success, and are prepared with the utmost analysis on achieving result.

POINTSmall Class

class size are kept at a maximum of 6 students to ensure a wealth of individualized feedback.


Course prerequisite

(1) Students who have sat practice tests or an official SAT® administration, with SAT® scores of 900 or above.
※Each section must have a score of 450 or above in SAT®.
※Students are recommended to have completed 10th grade.

(2) Students enrolled in Japanese high schools who have received English-language education must have a score of 90 or above in TOEFL® iBT.

Number of lecture hours

Each section : 2.5 hours × 4 lessons
(SAT® : Reading / Writing & Language / Math)

※For some administrative reason, lecture hours will be switched to 3 hrs 20 min × 3 lessons.



1 Section ¥58,320 tax included
2 Sections ¥108,000 tax included
3 Sections ¥146,880 tax included
4 Sections ¥179,280 tax included
5 Sections ¥205,200 tax included
6 Sections ¥224,640 tax included
7 Sections ¥235,440 tax included

Applications from one section accepted. Applicants will receive the above discount when applying for two or all three sections at the same time.


SAT Course Kit: ¥23,600 tax included
※The kit contains all sections plus online programs for self-study at home (self-paced course), and cannot be separated by subject for separate purchase.
※With Kaplan Mobile Prep installed in your iPhone/iPad, enrolled students can watch recorded lectures and tackle Qbank questions of the online program anywhere and anytime.


¥26,250 tax included
※First-time Tokyo TestPrep students will be charged a one-time enrollment fee. (Tax incl.)


SAT® Diagnostic Test

Students who do not have an official SAT®score are encouraged to take an diagnostic test. The test format mirrors the format of the official test, with the diagnostic test approximately THREE hours in length. (Reservations required. No Essay Wrting)

Trial lesson

Based on diagnostic test results (or official SAT® test results), students are invited to take a trial lesson or observe a class of SAT Prep. If the student’s scores fall well below 1000 in SAT® the student is encouraged to consider taking private lessons. Students are to consult with the staff before course registration.

Course registration

Students are required to complete the enrollment form and sign/ date the agreement (back page of the enrollment form) after carefully reading and agreeing to the terms of the agreement. Payment of the enrollment fee, tuition, and course kit/textbook fees is to be made within three days of submitting the enrollment form.

Course begins!

Students are required to bring their SAT® course book on the first day of class. Textbooks are not available for loan.


Q:Please tell me more about the textbook and the instructor.

A native English-speaking prep expert guides students through the twists and turns of the SAT®・ACT® in a comprehensible and enjoyable learning environment, and conducts the course in English. The textbook set used in this course is also used in Kaplan US centers; however, the pace at which the course is conducted, as well as services offered, differs from that of Kaplan US centers. Online learning tools for comprehensive self-study offered in Kaplan US center courses are also offered. This center does not offer the Higher Score Guarantee.

Q:For what school grades are the SAT®・ACT® prep courses offered?

The SAT®・ACT® prep courses are recommended mainly for 11th and 12th graders, as the courses cover crucial concepts not covered in school, and are therefore not recommended for students in 10th grade and below. As the prep courses focus on test preparation, students taking an SAT®・ACT® prep course at this center will need to review math and verbal concepts not covered in school, at home.
The course requires an official total SAT® score of 1000 or more (section scores of 500 or more), or ACT® score of 22 or more(section scores of 20 or more), regardless of grade level.

Q:Are make-up lessons available?

Yes, if the next section meets student enrollment number requirements, make-up lessons are accepted; however, if student enrollment number requirements are not met, the next section will be closed, and make-up lessons will not be accepted.

Q:Are seasonal intensive courses offered?

Yes. Spring, summer, and winter intensive courses are offered. As the course content for the seasonal intensive courses is identical to the year-round courses, students who have taken a course before will not be permitted to enroll in that same course again.
Please see the seasonal intensive course schedule for more information. Sometimes intensive course in the Fall Break will be scheduled.

Q:Can I enroll only in the Super SAT®・ACT® course?

Yes. The Super SAT®・ACT® course is designed for students in their final stage of the test prep or who have completed the SAT®・ACT® Prep course. However, students who have prepared for the test on their own, or enrolled in a prep course at another prep test school, must have an official SAT® total score of 1000 or above or an official ACT® total score of 22 or above.
Advanced-level test-taking techniques are covered in this course, and aids in maximizing students’ scores. Students are administered a variety of Kaplan original tests/ previously administered official tests from the College Board or ACT, Inc., or other publications, and receive their scores immediately. The feedback session is comprised of detailed review of each test with personalized explanations from the instructor.

Q:Does the Tokyo Test Prep Center offer assistance when registering for the official SAT®・ACT® tests?

No, inquiries and /or requests for assistance for official test registration are not accepted. Please refer to the official website for test registration.
SAT® :
ACT® :

SAT®はCollege Boardの登録商標であり、この商品との提携はありません。
ACT®はACT, Inc.の登録商標です。





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