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Super ACT®

This course is designed to help students sharpen their test skills after learning the fundamental strategies and techniques for the tests. We recommend these courses as follow-up to the SAT® Prep and ACT® Prep course. Students take practice tests and review each test in detail with personalized explanations from KAPLAN instructors.


POINTExperienced Instructors

Our expert instructors, with years of experience in test prep instruction in Japan, guide students through this results-oriented programs.

POINTSmall Class

Class size is kept at a maximum of 10 students to ensure a wealth of individualized feedback.

POINTSelected materials

Results-oriented programs, texts, and supplementary materials designed to teach and reinforce key skills and strategies.


Course prerequisite

(1) Students who have sat practice tests or an official ACT® administration with ACT® scores of 22 or above.

※Each section must have a score of 20 or above in ACT®.
※Students are recommended to have completed 10th grade.

(2) Students enrolled in Japanese high schools who have received English-language education must have a score of 90 or above in TOEFL® iBT.

Number of lecture hours

1 day = 1 lesson=1 test + 1 feedback lecture
1 lesson= Practice Tests: approx. 4 hrs. + a two/three-hour feedback lecture.
※Essay Writing Test section is optional; Teacher’s evaluation / comment on your writing will be sent by email after class.



1 Lesson ¥15,120 tax included
2 Lessons ¥29,484 tax included
3 Lessons ¥43,092 tax included
4 Lessons ¥55,944 tax included
5 Lessons ¥68,040 tax included
6 Lessons ¥79,380 tax included
7 Lessons ¥89,964 tax included
8 Lessons ¥99,792 tax included
9 Lessons ¥108,864 tax included
10 Lessons ¥117,180 tax included
11 Lessons ¥124,740 tax included
12 Lessons ¥131,544 tax included

※Applications from one lesson accepted.
Applicants will receive the above discount when applying for more lessons at the same time.


A separate textbook fee will be charged as follows:

(B) : ¥2,300
(M) : TBD
(X) : ¥0 (*)

* This test material must be returned after class.
** Please note that textbooks will be switched depending on their availability.
*** Textbooks & their fees are subject to change without notice.


※First-time Tokyo TestPrep students will be charged a one-time enrollment fee (tax included).


Super ACT® Regular Course Schedule

  • Schedule Schedule

Sunday : 10:00-18:00
Test:  10:00-14:00 +Feedback lecture: 15:00~ <2 to 3hrs>

・Students who are unable to take the test at the designated scheduled time must arrange to take the test before the lecture.
・The length of feedback lecture varies depending on the size of class.

Super ACT


(1) Trial lesson

Students are invited to take a trial lesson or observe a class.

(2) Course registration

Students are required to complete the enrollment form and sign/ date the agreement after carefully reading and agreeing to the terms of the agreement.
Payment of the enrollment fee, tuition, and course kit/textbook fees is to be made within three days of submitting the enrollment form.

(3) Course begins!

Students are required to bring their SAT®・ACT® course book on the first day of class. Textbooks are not available for loan.


Q:Are make-up lessons available?

Yes, if the next lesson meets student enrollment number requirements, make-up lessons are accepted; however, if student enrollment number requirements are not met, the next lesson will be closed, and make-up lessons will not be accepted.

Q:Are trial lessons available?

No. We don't accept any attendance for free.

Q:Are private lessons available?

Private lessons are offered for a separate fee; however, the conditions of the lesson content and private lesson schedule must meet both the student’s needs and the instructor’s capabilities.
Private lessons are usually scheduled only on weekdays. Private lesson scheduling will require about one week. The lesson material will be prepared by this center.
※Teacher's availability is very limited for the time being.

Q:Does the Tokyo Test Prep Center offer assistance when registering for the official SAT®・ACT® tests?

No, inquiries and /or requests for assistance for official test registration are not accepted. Please refer to the official website for test registration.
SAT® : ACT® :

SAT®はCollege Boardの登録商標であり、この商品との提携はありません。
ACT®はACT, Inc.の登録商標です。





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