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Pre-College TestPrep

SAT® Prep Winter Intensive

The SAT® Prep course focuses on strategies to tackle all the types of questions in each section so that students can ensure they will achieve a higher score.
Optional self-paced online materials, covering all the sections, will be provided for students as an e-learning style of self-study, which you can keep reviewing for 6 months at home.
Students can further enhance their studies by adding the Super SAT® course to augment their highest score.



Excellent teachers who specialize in the SAT®.

POINTSmall class sizes

Small class sizes for effective teacher-student interaction.
6 student is maximum.

POINTKaplan materials

Results-oriented programs, texts, and supplementary materials designed to teach and reinforce key skills and strategies.
With Kaplan Mobile Prep installed in your iPhone/iPad, you can watch recorded lectures and tackle Qbank questions anywhere and anytime.

POINTStudy options

Multiple study options from which to choose.



Grade 11th or SAT® 1000+ / ACT® 20+

Class Schedule

12/22 - 12/25 Saturday through Tuesday
10:00-12:30 / 13:30-16:00

  • Class Schedule Class Schedule



1 Section ¥58,320 (tax incl.)
2 Sections ¥108,000 (tax incl.)
3 Sections ¥146,880 (tax incl.)

※Sections with the same subject title repeat, and therefore contain the same lecture material.


SAT Course Kit Fee : ¥23,600 (tax incl.)

# Each kit includes a self-paced online program for the test.
 With a free application software "Kaplan Mobile Prep" installed in your iPhone/iPad, enrolled students can watch recorded lectures and tackle Qbank questions anywhere and anytime.


# First-time Tokyo TestPrep students will be charged a one-time enrollment fee (tax incl.)

SAT®はCollege Boardの登録商標であり、この商品との提携はありません。
ACT®はACT, Inc.の登録商標です。





土日 10:00~18:00